Show that you are the MVP of your team in Real World Soccer Cup Flicker 3D 2023! Featuring 4 different game modes, are you ready to challenge the opposing teams and claim victory for your team?

Each game mode of this game offers different gameplay mechanics and objectives. Start the game by picking a country. You can also pick a player but in the beginning, only one option is available to choose. Next, select a game mode to play. In Time Mode, your objective is to reach 1000+ points by scoring goals in a minute. In Target Mode, there is a target moving inside the goalpost, and your objective is to hit this target in the specified amount. You still have a minute to complete this objective. In Knockouts Mode, you try to score at least 1800 points. ıf you even miss a goal, you will fail, so pay extra attention! The last mode is 2-Player Free Kicks, and you can play this with a friend by sharing the keyboard. Each player shoots the 6 balls in their turn and the player who scores the most goals wins this mode. In all the modes, you can shoot the ball by clicking and dragging your mouse on the screen. Good luck and enjoy!

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SadaatGames developed Real World Soccer Cup Flicker 3D 2023.

Release Date

December 11, 2023


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Various teams to select
  • 4 different game modes
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • 2-player gameplay option


Use your mouse to play.