Get ready to feel the summer breeze in Pretty Tiles! As its name suggests, this new wave of mahjong games brings beauty to your life. Can you follow all the rules and have fun with the beautiful tiles?

You may be familiar with mahjong puzzles. If you are not, this game is the best version to get used to playing mahjong. With its assistive system and tiles with pretty icons, it is more fun than ever to play this game and to solve the puzzle. You will be given a series of tiles situated in different shapes at each level. You are expected to click on the identical tiles to get them off the pile and take them to the line below the pile. This way, you will clear the pile bit by bit. Because when you have three tiles next to each other in the line below, those tiles will disappear and earn you points. You always have the opportunity to shuffle the tiles, have a hint, and undo your move. Also, you can always use your coins and clear the separated tiles from the line. Now, relax with this fun mahjong game and use the new advantages it brings.

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Developer developed Pretty Tiles.

Release Date

December 06, 2021


• Colorful graphics

• Calming gameplay

• Intuitive skills

• Assistive options


You can use your mouse to click on the tiles.