This Christmas, everything pops out even more radiantly with Pop Christmas! With Christmas comes great fun, and this game is here to let you have more fun. Come here and see the relaxing fun you will have with this popping game!

Gingerbread man cookies, candy canes, snowmen, and Christmas hats… You have the chance to play with what comes to your mind when you think of Christmas. This means more chances to be exposed to the warm Christmas spirit. What you need to do in this game is to detect the groups of the same icons. If you see two or more same icons side by side in the same row or column, you can click on them. This will let these same icons pop out of the table. Your ultimate goal would be to clear the grid of the icons. Still, things may go a little differently than planned. In that case, you will automatically be spending your bonuses to clear the remaining icons. You should also be reminded that some levels come with different challenges like the icons moving between the opposite sides of the grid. Remember the basic rules and try to clear the icons as much as you can to see many levels!

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Developer developed Pop Christmas.

Release Date
December 17, 2021

Multiple levels to complete
Fun Christmas spirit
Intuitive controls
Addictive gameplay

You can use your mouse to click on the icons.