Brace yourself for a scary time with Huggy Wuggy in Play Time - Toy Horror Store! You are in the shoes of Huggy Wuggy in this adventure and you found yourself in the middle of a deserted scary building. Let’s see what awaits you now!

This horror game will drop you in the middle of nowhere and make you fight for your life. You are surrounded by evil Huggy Wuggies that are ready to attack you. They will appear out of nowhere and may even cause some jump-scares, too. You need to attack them first before they attack you and make you fail the level. Through thirty levels, which are divided into three groups according to their difficulty levels, you will aim to complete various tasks like surviving for at least a certain number of seconds or finding a certain number of people while fighting the evil ones. Prepare yourself to fight tight and brace yourself for thrilling gameplay!

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Developer developed Play Time - Toy Horror Store.

Release Date

January 19, 2023


• 3D spooky graphics

• Easy controls

• Spontaneous enemies

• 30 levels in groups of different difficulty levels

• Engaging 3D game setting


Use the WASD keys to move the characters, the cursor to look around, the left click to fire, the right click to aim, the F key to pick the items or interact, the space key to jump, and the left shift key to run.