Prepare your fists and weapons to win a fatal match in Pixel Smash Duel! You and your friend are standing tall against each other. This time, you are opposing each other. Now, you can’t wait to show him how strong you are. So, get ready for a tight match!

This is a fun duel game. You can play against the computer as well as a friend of yours from the same keyboard. You will begin the game with round 1 on top of a roof. Your aim is to win five rounds to become the winner of the whole duel. You can use your kicks, spins, and weapon at hand. Use the W and E keys for player 1 and the up-arrow key and M key for player 2. Only when you push your rival off the roof, you can win the round. So, make sure to fight hard and become the one standing on the roof!

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RHM Interactive developed Pixel Smash Duel.

Release Date

December 01, 2021


• 2D colorful and pixelled graphics

• Multiple levels

• 2-player mode available

• Pixel art and funky gameplay


You can use the W and E keys for Player 1 and the up-arrow key and the M key for Player 2.