Pixel Combat Multiplayer welcomes you to the battlefield with talented players from all around the world! There is only one rule here, and that is survival. This is a shooting story of the last one standing regardless of all the bullets flying in the air. Do you have the guts to take down all your opponents and declare your victory now?

You are being challenged against the best players of our platform! In this multiplayer online shooting game, you need no high-end joysticks, no game setups, or anything else except for your cursor and keyboard to enjoy high-quality entertainment! You can be the best soldier that Kizi can ever have by staying alive from the attacks of your opponents. You need to have one more important qualification, though. You must be a real good team player! Choose one of the teams, create or join a room and load your weapon. No one can stop you from pushing the limits of your shooting skills. If you have trouble with targeting, you can right-click and activate the ADS for better shots! Check your killings from the top of the game screen. Btw, you cannot kill a teammate even if you shoot them. So, you are free to aim at anyone and everyone you see on the map! Good luck and have fun playing!

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Release Date

June 3, 2019


  • 3D pixelated high-quality graphics
  • Two teams to choose
  • Multiplayer shooting game
  • Entertaining and engaging


Arrows or WASD keys to move around. SPACE BAR to jump and the "C" key to lean. Left-click to shoot and right-click to ADS (aim down sight). Mouse to change the camera angle.