Grab your pickaxe and start spelunking in search of valuable gems in Mine & Slash! Mining is not an easy job. You have to find your way through dark caverns. Unfortunately, deadends and narrow passages are not the only challenges you will be facing in this game!

You control a miner in this game and your objective is to collect gems and valuable stones to develop your little mining town. You start with simple tools, but don't worry as you will have many opportunities to improve your character. The mine has various different levels, and only the first one is unlocked in the beginning. To complete a level, you should travel deep into the cave, collect valuables, face enemies, and survive the boss fight. Use your mouse to move around. When your character is near enemies, he will swing his sword. Try not to take much damage as your enemies are capable and strong. When your character is near rocks, he will use the pickaxe to mine them. You can carry a limited amount of gems, so don't forget to visit the town to sell them. You can use these gems to unlock new shops and buildings. You can upgrade your character, buy better gear, and more! To advance through the game, you will need improved tools, so keep mining and defeat all the enemies to clear the mine! Enjoy!

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Boombit S.A. developed Mine & Slash.

Release Date

April 18, 2024


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Different areas to unlock
  • Various enemy types
  • Different shops and buildings to add to the town


Use your mouse to play.