Let's see how long you can survive in Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack! Set your eyes on the horizon as the evil mascots surround you! Run around in the field to escape the enemies, keep your pistol full at all times, and upgrade your strength between games to take your best score further!

Determination is the key to this game; it forces you to come back and try again with a new strategy. Each level requires a huge effort in addition to basic reflexes and strategy skills. If you think you have it all, you can start from the first level. Keep moving around the arena while the enemy group surrounds you. Keep your aim at the closest monsters to increase the distance. Watch out for the bombers; they come out of nowhere and blow up near you. Loot money from the fallen enemies, keep your senses open, and try to fill the level bar above. Pass the stages by reaching the goal, and stop by the shop to get ready for your next mission. You can buy new weapons, bombs, and health kits from there. Build new tactics to support your new gear, and see how far you can get in this block world!

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Berezka developed Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack.

Release Date

March 23, 2023


  • Good 3D graphics
  • Unlockable weapons and gear
  • Satisfying combat mechanics
  • Challenging levels


You can use "W, A, S, D" to move and your mouse to shoot.