Help Noob succeed in his next silly task with Mine Cart Noob! He wants to ride a cart home but without anyone pushing him. Help him make upgrades in his cart, push him off a cliff, and watch him fly toward his goal on this funny and extremely dangerous journey!

Our old buddy Noob is on another mission to get himself in trouble! He wants to fly without wings, which might end really badly. Whatever happens, he does not seem to be calculating the risks, so you must be there to protect him. These missions can get you a lot of money, helping you develop your project further. Get to the cliff, and wait for the right time to push the button. The fuller the bar, the further you fly! You can complete front or back flips in mid-air to multiply your score. While these flips do not mean any threat to you, they can be a great source of income! Watch how far you land, collect coins, and buy new upgrades at the game shop to set your goals higher! You can also buy booster moves and use them to multiply your scores and move your card further!

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Developer developed Mine Cart Noob.

Release Date

February 23, 2023


  • Noob as the main hero!
  • Funny characters and stories
  • Unlockable boosters and upgrades
  • Addictive gameplay


You can use the spacebar, numbers, and arrow keys to play this game.