Mike and Mia's 1st Day at School has arrived, and these little siblings need your help getting ready for the big day ahead. So before the bell for the first lesson rings, visit them in their house and help them through multiple simple steps to complete their first school day!

It might be hard to get up early, but these two little ones seem too excited to be sleepy. There are five different steps in this game that you need to complete. First of all, you should help the kids tidy up their room. Find the hidden toys listed at the bottom of the screen in the room. When you find all the toys, it's time to put them in the toy box. Next, it's time to visit the bathroom and take a nice warm bath. Follow the instructions to clean the kids. Scrub the dirt away and don't forget to play with bubbles! How about preparing a tasty snack? Head to the kitchen next and pack a delicious fruit sandwich. Uh-oh! Time flies when you're getting ready! To the dressing room now! Pick different pieces for each kid to create an outfit for them. Don't forget to complete their look with hats and bags. Now you're ready to visit the school! Go and attend classes in the fifth step. Match animals with their sounds and patterns. Phew! What a day full of learning!

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iclickgames developed Mike and Mia's 1st Day at School.

Release Date

March 6, 2023


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 5 different steps to complete
  • Simple and fun gameplay
  • Cute characters


Use your mouse to play.