Take a break from your routine with Mahjong Relax! Follow the tutorials, learn the game, and improve your skills through levels to become a mahjong master! You can choose the game difficulty, background, theme, and music to match your mood and start solving puzzles! Let's get you to the tutorial level and start matching tiles right now!

Welcome to the ultimate mahjong experience! You can change the looks, tile sets, and music to match your mood and choose between the game difficulties to level up when you are ready! There are also language options that make this experience much easier for all players around the world! You can start by choosing your language, and begin your first match. Your mission is to find the identical tiles in the pile and match them until there are no tiles left. There are some rules, of course. You can only select the tiles on the top of the pile. You must match the tiles at the top to reach the pieces under them. The matches you win earn you gold coins and stars. Stars determine your score, while you can use gold to unlock new tile sets, backgrounds, and music. Collect gold and get new pieces to create the perfect mahjong environment for yourself!

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CHORSE GAMES LIMITED developed Mahjong Relax.

Release Date

August 15, 2022


Unlockable customization options

3 game difficulties

Relaxing themes and backgrounds

Helping tutorials

Available on mobile


Use your mouse or tap to select tiles.