Join Lovely Ant on a mysterious journey with Lovely Ant Escape! Our adorable ant friend is stuck in a curious land on his own. This misty and strange land is getting creepier with every second despite its colorful puzzles, so we should hurry before the night falls!

Don’t let this town’s lack of exits intimidate you; the mystery might be thick here but the images and the escalation of these puzzles make them fun and comforting for all ages! Search for clues and don’t overlook any details for the numbers you are looking for might be hiding anywhere. Collect every useful material to cut or break objects and claim new clues planted in them. Find small animals to activate mechanisms and gain access to new areas. Don’t spend too much time on a lock; keep looking around and trying new things to give your brain some space to think. Give every idea a chance because there is no failure in this discovery. Always keep your inventory in check and try using your items first when facing a new puzzle with similar shapes. Don’t forget to open and take a look at the newly obtained parchments as they hold crucial answers in them.

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GAMES4KING developed Lovely Ant Escape.

Release Date

August 7, 2020


Cute characters

Mysterious story

Fun for all ages

Improving logic skills


You can use your mouse to play this game.