In Learn to Fly 3, the Penguins are back and they are ready to prove more than their flight skills. The sky is the limit but these penguins set their eyes beyond the sky and into space! You have a special invitation to Penguin NASA so roll your sleeves up and help the chubby birds in tuxedos! They have everything you need to breach the boundaries of space. Fasten your belts and start the countdown! 3, 2, 1... LAUNCH!

Learn to Fly 3 doesn't have different gameplay mechanics from its prequels. Your fellow penguins have transcended the limits of the sky and as the player, your objective is to reach the space. You have very basic equipment in the beginning but don't worry. Penguins are resourceful and will provide upgrades for you to reach your goal. You can unlock different tools from body, launcher, stages, and boosts categories. There are 4 game modes that you can enjoy. The story mode is the main mode and it is about reaching the space and landing on the Moon. Classic mode features the horizontal gameplay from the previous titles. Payload mode challenges you to reach different altitudes with various weights attached to your character. Lastly, the sandbox mode is where you can play freely without any objectives. Learn to Fly 3 comes with new features. First being the gameplay, you try to fly vertically in this third game as opposed to horizontal gameplay of the previous titles. You can also customize your character with various bodies, hats, faces and more!

Continue the fun adventure with the penguins and help them to land on the Moon. Prove their enemies wrong and show them who is the most capable bird in the Arctic. Don't forget to check the previous adventures of the penguins in our collection, Learn to Fly Idle and Learn to Fly 2.


Light Bringer Games developed Learn to Fly 3.

Release Date

19 February 2016


  • Various unlockable gadgets
  • Cute characters
  • 2D graphics
  • 4 game modes


Use your mouse and the WASD keys to play the game.