Sharpen your knives because we’re about to go on a mission in Knife Attack! You are the master of knives, and you’re given a very fun task! As fun as it is, it may be dangerous to play around with knives like this. So, get ready to use your mastery!

This game merges very addictive two games. You will get to merge the knives and cut the object in half. This way, you’ll be using your aiming skills and merging strategy skills. When you begin, you will have a level 1 knife in your hand. The more you successfully cut objects in half, the more money you will earn. But money is just an extra. The real deal here is that you will be getting extra knives at each round. If you merge two knives of the same level, you’ll get one better knife with the power to stab the objects more powerfully. You can use the money to either upgrade the skills of individual knives or to buy extra space for new knives. Now, build your strategies and see if you can manage to go all the way to the end!

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OneTwoPlay developed Knife Attack.

Release Date

January 28, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Multiple levels to complete

Intuitive skills

Need for strategic thinking

Addictive gameplay


You can use your mouse to throw the knife.