Aliens are trying to take over the planet and only you, the king’s loyal soldier, can put an end to their invasion in Kings Soldiers 2! The planet is overrun with these creatures! Grab your rocket launcher and prepare to face these enemies in 21 challenging puzzle levels. Can you show these aliens that they are messing with the wrong people, or will you surrender to their attacks?

Kings Soldiers 2 features entertaining gameplay and easy controls. You command a lone soldier armed with a rocket launcher and must try to unleash maximum mayhem upon the invading aliens to pass each level. Use your mouse to aim at the aliens, and left-click to shoot rockets at them. They’ll regret their choice to invade your kingdom once they see your rockets come flying at them! On the screen, you’ll see many different pieces of information that will allow you to track your progress. In the upper left-hand corner of the screen, you can see how many shots you have fired in each level. Just beside it, you’ll see the stars bar. In each level, you can collect up to three stars. This bar shows you how many stars you’ll receive once you complete the level, according to the number of shots you have fired. Some levels will situate your targets in the open, but in other stages of the game you have to bounce your rockets to reach some of the aliens. Plan your attacks carefully and try to collect all of the stars!

Challenging puzzle levels with colorful graphics are what we love about this kind of game. If you enjoyed Kings Soldiers 2, be sure to check similar puzzle games in our collection, such as King Boom.


This game was developed by QKY Studios.


  • 21 levels to complete
  • 63 stars to collect
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Challenging gameplay


Use your mouse to aim and shoot.