Try your best to find the exit and Jump out of maze! Here is an epic maze series in front of you where you need to turn on your survival mode. The corridors are narrow and the exit is far away. But do you believe in yourself to complete this adventurous journey?

In this puzzle game, the totality of your focus should be on how to find the way to the exit of each level. As the jumpy square you are commanding, you are able to drag yourself from one corner to the other of the boxes you are locked in. Each box has a complicated maze motif which you can follow from the tiny version of the level map on the left of the screen. Your aim is to find the green spot, that is the exit, on the corners of the box, and clicking on the square, drag the icon to that spot. On the way, you should collect the coins around to have enough money to unlock new icons you can commute. You can zoom in or out of the level map according to your own wish while playing the game. Also, you should beware of some external factors like the block that will cause you to fail if you bump into it. Now, get ready to find the exit, and let’s see if you can finally be free!

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Stickman vs Monster School Team developed Jump out of maze.

Release Date

October 21, 2022


3D graphics

Assistive little map available

Multiple levels

New icons to unlock


Click on the icon and drag the cursor to the opposite side of where you want the icon to move.