Jewel Legend Online is here to dazzle you with its shiniest gems! You are invited to the deepest gem mines to collect rubies and diamonds! Follow the rules, align the identical gems, and get all the points! Make glamorous moves, get special boosters with explosive reactions, and get three stars from all levels!

You can never know what one might need in the depths of a mine: explosives to open up new paths or candles to show you the way. Whatever you need, you can craft it here by matching gems and collecting them. Keep an eye on the moves and level goals, and you got it! Follow the objectives and complete them without running out of moves. Reach the aimed score, clean the tiles, and collect the gems to complete levels. Match four or more gems with one move to get a booster item you can use in that game to clean out a limited area. Try to get as many points as possible to complete the stage with the highest score and get three stars. Face new challenges with each level and improve your matching strategies. Unlock more boosters by advancing through levels, and use them to complete tricky quests!

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Inlogic Software developed Jewel Legend.

Release Date

May 17, 2019


Shiny and colorful gems!

Easy to play

Fun and addictive quests

Surprise boosters

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play.