It’s time to scream ‘Arr!’ in Island of Pirates! You are one of the most well-known pirates in the whole seven seas. Unfortunately, this fame comes with a price. All the other pirates are after you and they want you killed. Now, attack them all and save yourself!

Now, it’s your call to dive into a huge adventure around the world. As the most famous pirate of all time, you need to take down all your enemies one by one before they come at you. Choose destinations from the world map and seek out new excitements. You can explore each island with the help of great 3D graphics. Walk around, jump, roll and swim around to reach your enemies that stand in the different corners of these islands. Attack them by clicking left and using your sword. You can see how much energy you have left after being attacked from the top of the screen. Check the remaining number of enemies standing from there, too. You can gain extra energy by collecting heart icons from secret corners. Now, let’s dive into an adventure and explore the seven seas!

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Developer developed Island of Pirates.

Release Date

June 22, 2022


• 3D realistic graphics

• Engaging setting and different settings to unlock from world map

• Story-like gameplay

• 2 characters to choose from

• Energy displayer and enemy counter


You can move with the WASD keys and click left to attack the enemies with a sword. Click right to block the enemies. You can jump with the space key and use the nitro speed with the shift key. Lock the screen with the L key. Crouch with the C key and roll with the Q key.