To bee or not to bee? Our hungry little bear would surely choose the latter, because he got caught in Honey Trouble! Due to failing at his otherwise cleverly thought out escape plan, the bear got stuck between the angry bees and his favorite honey-filled pot. He isn’t done eating yet and he won't let some buzzing bugs to put an end to his feast! Not wanting to bear the consequences of his appetite for honey, he needs a little bit of assistance. With its colorful graphics and amusing gameplay, Honey Trouble will keep you in riveted to the screen! Grab your bee smoker and be ready to get your hands sticky!

In Honey Trouble you have to help out a bear and stop the bees from reaching the honey pot. In each level, bees will worm their way across the map, taking the form of a chain of balls. The chain consists of different color combinations and your objective is to hit each of these color combos with a matching ball to destroy it. Each level has a different track that brings new challenges. You should plan and time your shots carefully. With each faulty colors match you'll help the chain to grow instead of shrinking it down. The game features 3 worlds, each with different difficulty levels ranked from easy to hard. You can unlock them one by one by completing the multiple levels included in each world. Sometimes you'll draw special balls that have special effects. The bomb ball destroys all the balls close to it; the reverse ball moves the chain back just a little bit; the wall ball pauses the movement of the chain; and the black hole ball opens a black hole close to the hive and can absorb up to 3 balls.

These levels force you to think twice before making your move. Enjoy the amusing graphics and fun gameplay. Honey Trouble is a great game when you want to take a little break. If you’re a fan of the marble line genre, check out our other puzzle games for more!


  • 3 worlds with different difficulty settings
  • Multiple levels
  • Easy controls
  • Addictive gameplay


Use your mouse to aim and tap the left mouse button to shoot the marbles. Use the space bar to change the marble type.