Save the life of an innocent citizen in Helicopter Escape! It was unknown to the people of our world until today if the aliens are friends or enemies. Now, we know that they are as vile as a zombie. Can you give a hand to this poor hostage and save her now?

An innocent woman is being held hostage at a building by dangerous aliens. You are her only chance to save her life, so she’s running with all her power to the rescue helicopter. You are there to help her escape these vile creatures, though. As a successful sniper, your task here is to get rid of the tens of aliens running after this poor woman. If she can make it to the helicopter before any of these creatures touch her, she’ll be safe. So, now get your weapons ready and shoot the aliens behind this woman. Collect money through levels and unlock new and more powerful weapons!

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2Play developed Helicopter Escape.

Release Date

January 03, 2022


3D colorful graphics

Guns to unlock

Interesting alien enemies

Intuitive controls

Exciting gameplay


You can use the mouse of your computer to aim and shoot.