Get ready to manipulate the flow of water in the second game of the popular puzzle game series, Happy Glass 2. Our character is back and it seems like it has somehow lost all of its liquid content since the first game. You are its only chance, so grab your pencil and start drawing lines, loops, and curves to make a clear path for water to reach our now empty and sad character to make it happy again! Dozens of new levels with fresh designs and challenges are waiting for you to solve them. Are you ready?

Happy Glass 2 brings back the addictive and enjoyable mechanics of the previous game. As the player, it is your job to solve the puzzle-like designs you see in every level. A faucet and our character will be present in every level but their surroundings, the level design, and locations will change. Similar to the first game of the series, your objective in Happy Glass 2 is to fill the glass with liquid by manipulating the flow of water through obstacles. To create a path for the water to follow, you have to draw lines to the glass. Press the left mouse button to draw a line but keep in mind that you can only draw one continuous line in each level. When you release the button the water will start to run. You have limited ink and you can see how much you have in the top center part of the screen. The less ink you use the more stars you’ll earn at the end of the level! You’ll lose the level if you fail to fill the glass or if it falls down. But there’s no need to rush! You have enough time to plan your moves.

Puzzle games are both fun and challenging. They help players to exercise their logic with addictive gameplay. Be sure to check out the other free and online puzzle games on our website! Have fun!


Lion Studios developed this game, as well as the prequel Happy Glass.


  • 100 levels to solve
  • Challenging puzzles
  • 2D graphics
  • Easy controls


Use your mouse to draw lines.