Can you complete all the levels in the relaxing puzzle game Happy Connect? All you need to do in this game is relax and try to solve your way out of many levels to complete the whole game. Get your hands and your brain ready for a good puzzle now!

You can use your mouse to click on and drag the tiles in this game. There are fifty levels for you to complete with increasing difficulty and you need to complete a cycle with tiles. The tiles at each level, have lines and shapes on them. At this point, your aim is to bring the lines together and create a cycle consistent at each level. The tiles with the circle shapes are supposed to be the starting and finishing point of these shapes that you will form. Other tiles with the lines are waiting for you to link them in a way to complete a circle between these two main tiles with circles. You will see in some levels that some tiles are fixed, so you must build your strategies around those fixed tiles. Try to go as far as you can and complete all the 50 levels in this mind-flexing yet relaxing puzzle!

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toplay developed Happy Connect.

Release Date
December 02, 2021

• Colorful graphics
• 50 levels to complete
• Increasingly challenging puzzle
• Entertaining and addictive levels
• Intuitive controls

You can use the mouse of your computer to slide the tiles.