In, get ready for combat ye landlubbers! Here, we only respect one thing and that is coin! Hahaha! To be a pirate king, ye better dig up some booty and pay no mercy to them scallywags. Arrr! We have waited long enough. Let the battle begin!

Ahoy, matey! Are ye ready to brave the high seas and chug lots of grogg while yer digging for loot? Yer objective is to become the pirate king. But to do that yer need face other pirates. Since we can't get rid of them for ya, ye need to find a way to blow them down. Ye can find the map that shows the booty on the bottom right corner of the screen. Let's find that booty! When yer reach there, use right mouse button to dig. Aye, booty! Blimey! Blow that son of a biscuit eater down. He's shooting at ya and will take the booty himself. To Davy Jones's locker with ya! Arr! You did jolly good for a scallywag. Yo ho ho! Time to chug some grog to level up. Wait, what have we here? Ye managed to find some food buried beneath the ground, eh? Let's sell it to the mateys back in town and buy some more grogg! Now, let's go again to dig up more booty and blow more men down! Hahaha!

Yer not leaving, are ya? Arr, laddie! Go and play if yer not afraid. Don't ya worry! They won't bite.


Xform developed

Release Date

July, 2018.


  • Online multiplayer gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Lots of booty to find


WASD or arrow keys to move. Left click to shoot. Right click to dig. E to access shop