Swing your pickaxe at valuable ores with Gold Miner, an amazing and popular arcade game for people of all ages. Take the role of a miner and start your mining journey in the colorful 2D world! Put your miner’s helmet on and grab your trusty pickaxe! These valuable ores won’t dig themselves up!

Gold Miner offers addictive gameplay that will keep you hooked in front of your PC for hours! In this game, mining precious ores follows a slightly different approach than what miners would normally do. We hope your arm muscles are strong and you are willing to expend some elbow grease because be prepared to swing your pickaxe above your head! Why delve into claustrophobic and dark mines to find valuable gems and gold when the stacks of rocks and ores are the mine tracks just outside on? In Gold Miner, you don’t have to find your way in dark caverns to reach your target. If you’re ready, let’s get started! As the player, your objective is to destroy the columns of rocks and ores you see in each level by throwing your pickaxe at them. To clear the columns, you must target the stacks made from 2 or more blocks of the same ore type. Aim with your mouse and throw your pickaxe with a click of the left mouse button. To complete a level, you must destroy a certain number of columns. At the top of the screen, you can see your objective, level, the amount of gold you’ve gathered, and your total score. Gold Miner offers 2 different game modes. The classic mode has straightforward gameplay, where you only need to clear a certain number of columns to pass a level while the columns move toward you after every few strikes. In arcade mode, the columns of ores and rocks will move toward you continuously and you must destroy them before they reach you. Try to collect as much gold as you can and become the richest miner ever!

Mining is not the only way to find gold. Being a treasure hunter will also grant you riches and you can try your hand at being one in Duck Life Treasure Hunt!


  • 2 different modes, classic and arcade
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Variety of ores to break
  • 2D graphics


Use your mouse to play this game.