Open the doors of your car workshop in Garage Master: Nuts and Bolts, and take orders from your customers. Can you complete the puzzles through dozens of levels?

Your objective in this game is to sort the nuts in each level according to their color. By doing this, you will slowly complete an order a customer has placed. Once you complete the order, you get to choose the look of it as well! When you start the game, the colorful nuts will be placed randomly on bolts. Clicking on a bolt will select the nut at the top. Then select another bolt to place the selected nut on it. Keep in mind that a nut can only be placed on a bolt if it is empty or has a nut of the same color. Once all the nuts are sorted according to their color on the bolts, you will complete the level and make progress on completing an order. As you reach higher levels, things will get more challenging, so get ready! Enjoy!

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Artem Lanin developed Garage Master: Nuts and Bolts.

Release Date

May 28, 2024


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Dozens of levels
  • Different vehicles to unlock


Use your mouse to play.