Run fast to help your foxy friend save his family in Foxy Land 2! Be prepared to dive into the world of a little yet brave fox. He needs to save his family and will need your help during the process. Now, come and be a good company to your friend.

This action-adventure game will get you right into another dimension thanks to its immersive storyline. As you play alongside the main character Foxy, you will witness his dialogues and thoughts that will present you with the plotline. Soon you will learn that bad guys kidnapped his children while he was collecting cherries. Your aim is to go through the map over the levels and eventually save his children. You need to be careful on the platforms, jump high over the gaps and collect many coins to use while unlocking a respawn if you fail. Now, come and see if you can keep up with this adventure and save Foxy’s children!

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Stickman vs Monster School Team developed Foxy Land 2.

Release Date

January 20, 2023


• Colorful vintage-looking graphics

• 2 Player mode available

• Multiple levels

• Detailed and gripping plotline


Use the WASD keys to move and click the A key twice to double jump. You can throw cherries at your enemies with the G key for player 1 and the L key for player 2.