In Elsa Ice Skating Injuries, let's see if you have the qualities of a good doctor. Elsa loves ice skating but since she's only a rookie, she's very likely to hurt herself. Are you ready to be by her side at all times and help her if she gets injured?

Ice skating sounds so fun, doesn't it? Well, it's certainly is a lot of fun, when you know how to ice skate. But if you are only a beginner in ice skating, the chances of you hurting yourself are very high. But don't worry. When you have Olaf the Snowman by your side, nothing can go wrong. In this game, your objective is to help Elsa recover from her fall and treat her wounds. First, we should start with removing the little ice pieces in her leg using tweezers. Good job! Now we can apply cold pack to the injured area before we begin cleaning the wound. Now we can wrap her leg with bandages and voila! It's done. She'll recover in a very short time. The thing is, she wants to ice skate again. It's best you stay with her and make sure she doesn't fall one more time. We can also help her choose her outfit. Choose the best dress, ice skates and accessories to make her feel great again Have fun!

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DressUpWho developed Elsa Ice Skating Injuries.

Release Date

January 27, 2017.


  • Easy controls
  • Nice 2D graphics
  • Famous Frozen characters
  • Fun gameplay


You can use your mouse to play this game.