Bring justice to the fashion world in Ellie Fashion Police! You can now singlehandedly rule the fashion world and stop these princesses from committing awful fashion crimes. Whether at school, at the beach, or at a café, these princesses are at great risk of wearing things they should never wear. Are you ready to stop them right when they need you?

You are the fashion police around and only you can give these poorly dressed princesses a makeover. They can look even more beautiful with the help of you. After all, they are beautiful princesses, but you are the one who knows how to rock a wonderful outfit. What they wear and how they look is very important for these girls, so give them a hand and let them see how chic they can be. Plus, you can save them from committing a fashion crime and get them free out of a fashion jail. So, get your best pieces and sort them out for each princess. You have wonderful hairstyles you can do for them, amazing clothes, and charming accessories. You are totally free to choose any of those for the makeover of each princess. Be ready to have fun and rule the fashion world with your wonderful picks.

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Top Girl Games developed Ellie Fashion Police.

Release Date
November 08, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Many princesses to dress up
• Variety of clothes and accessories
• Fun gameplay

You can use your mouse to choose options.