Bring a fresh new approach to hundreds of years-old traditional game in Domino Legend! Open up your mind, observe the tiles and make bold choices to win the matches in this domino game!

This game is based on the two main types of classic domino games. You can choose one from the block or the draw games. Regardless of the game mode, your aim is to put a tile with the same number as one of the sides of the tile in the middle of the board until one of the parties finishes all the tiles in their hands or until the game is blocked since there is no possible move to make. The party with the bigger tile total or the higher double starts the game. In the block mode, you have to pass the turn to the other player if you have no moves to make and when there is no playable move left the player with the least tile total wins the game. In the draw mode, if you can’t make a move, you need to pick tiles from the boneyard until you pick a tile that lets you make a move. Now, choose one and start playing and see if you’ll be a domino king!

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Inlogic Software developed Domino Battle.

Release Date

July 16, 2019


Colorful 2D graphics

Need for strategic thinking

2 main game modes

Instructions available


You can use your mouse to choose the options.