Become a mahjong master with the specially designed tiles of DinoMatch: Mahjong Pairs! Unlock the fun themes by completing levels with high scores, collect stars, and get your hands on treasure chests with surprise gifts! Explore new levels, sets, and challenges you can take on! Let's walk you through the tutorial and get to the real puzzles!

This game adds a fun touch to classical mahjong games and showers you with rewards while testing your skills. You start with a set of adorable dinosaur tiles and slowly advance through levels while unlocking new surprise sets. Follow the tutorials to learn the basics, and let's get to the first level! You must match two identical tiles within three moves. The tiles might move and change positions with each move, so plan carefully. Strategize each move, and try not to run out of moves. Keep an eye on the countdown above, and try to keep that bar full. Your speed determines your scores, therefore, the number of stars you get. Keep collecting stars to get the key to the treasure chest, and get access to new sets. Explore all uniquely designed tile sets, and watch yourself get better!

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Z Media developed DinoMatch: Mahjong Pairs.

Release Date

December 13, 2022


Cute and colorful tile sets

Improving mahjong and puzzle-solving skills

Unlockable chests

Surprise gifts

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game.