Make way for these cool coffee cups before they get too bored in Coffee Puzzle! Focus on the coffee cups you are given and try to get them out of where they are stuck. If it takes a lot for you to get them out of that stiff position, they will get angry, and you wouldn't like that. Can you use your puzzle skills to free these rather ill-tempered coffee cups?

You have a table of squares on which your coffee cups are situated. Though your aim to get them to reach the edges of the table is easy, you have some things to overcome on your way. A slice of bread, an avocado, or some chips are standing before your coffee cup. You need to match three of the same icons to pop them out of the square so that the road before your coffee cups will be cleared. To get the three same icons together, you should choose the row or column to get the new icon. You are shown which icon you will be given next, so determine where you want that to go wisely. When you match three of the same icons and the way of your coffee cup is clear, your cup will move automatically. You can get more and more points with each three-icon group you clear and 100 extra points for each coffee cup you get to the edges. So, get ready to solve this new and fun version of a classic match puzzle. How many levels do you think you can see?

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OneTwoPlay IT developed Coffee Puzzle.

Release Date
November 25, 2021

• Colorful graphics
• Multiple levels to complete
• Entertaining and addictive levels
• Intuitive controls
• Funny coffee cups!

You can use the mouse of your computer to choose the options.