Complete an illegal and dangerous journey in City Driver Steal Cars! You know this city like the palm of your hands, and no one can handle your job better than you. You are the best car thief around, and you want to stay so. Then you must work hard and take a risk. Can you complete all the tasks you’re given to prove yourself?

This city is full of luxurious cars. When you go out on the street, each one of them gets your attention. But you must go according to your plans. So, you should steal the cars you planned and take them to the garage one by one. In this game with amazing 3D graphics, you can enjoy walking around as your character and stealing cars. Also, there’s no risk of being busted or eliminated whatsoever. You can freely hit other cars or even steal police cars. So, just drive around freely in the realistic streets. You can pass the levels and upgrade when you successfully find the car you plan to steal and then drive it to the garage. In this fun game with great graphics, you can choose one view from three different options when driving the car. Now, let’s get out on the streets and show your bandit skills by stealing as many cars as you can!

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GoGoMan developed City Driver Steal Cars.

Release Date
December 08, 2021

• 3D colorful graphics
• 3 different driver views
• Assistive speedometer
• Need for skillful driving controls
• Fun driving experience!

You can use the WASD or the arrow keys to drive and park the car. Use the cursor to rotate the character, the F key to get in and out of the cars. The space key is to jump, and the C key is for the handbrake.