Welcome to a thrilling adventure with your best friend in Cat Runner Online! This running adventure is the masterpiece of a mischievous cat and you need to be on his side to complete this journey.

All you need to focus on in this game is your lanes. Your buddy will be automatically running as fast as he can. But the important part is that the road is full of obstacles like barriers or trains coming at you. That’s why, you should always be on the run and keep an eye on where you can jump, how you can crawl under barriers, or which bonuses you can collect. There will also be times when you will collect a jacket that will let you fly up in the sky for some time or go through some portals and reach another dimension. As you enjoy these challenges and go along the way, always try to collect the coins to use on new skins and better skills. Now, let’s see how far you will be able to run without stumbling!

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2Play developed Cat Runner Online.

Release Date

January 11, 2023


Colorful 3D graphics

Skins to unlock

Upgradable character skills

Daily lucky wheel to spin and earn prizes


Use the arrow keys to change lanes, jump over and crawl under the obstacles.