Invite your friends for a duel on the moon in Castel Wars Modern! Choose between three fun and unique maps, pick a game mode, and see who is a better warrior! Pick up the weapons off the ground and play with your own strategies to show off your fighting skills!

We have a new multiplayer duel for you! In this world, you can choose an arena between three special maps with unique features, decide how the matches end, and start a battle to bury your enemy in the ground! Start the game and choose a side; both players use the same keyboard and screen in this battle. After you enter the arena, quickly make your way to the special weapon placed on your side, and use it on your uncovered enemy. Don't panic if they are taking cover; you can find your way around the arena and attack them. Pick up the weapons thrown off the helicopter, and use higher-ranged guns to keep your distance from your opponent. After the duel ends, you can go back to the main menu and choose another map. Explore the perks of all mapsac and try the time mode to challenge yourselves further!

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RHM Interactive developed Castel Wars Modern.

Release Date

June 7, 2023


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 3 game maps
  • 2 available modes
  • Multiplayer gameplay


You can use the arrow keys and "W, A, S, D" to play, and "E" and "L" to attack.