In Cannon Hero Online, wipe all your enemies off the face of the earth. Your enemies roam the world and destroy whatever crosses their path. Do you have the power to stop them and save the world?

These evil men are so full of themselves that they don't even see you as a threat. They just stare down at you from their tall towers. It's time they learned a lesson! Your objective is to eliminate the bad guys standing in your way and bring peace back to the world. But be careful. Miss one shot and boom! You are dead. So you better kill them before they get the chance. To defeat them, click on the screen and hold to aim. Aim carefully and release when you are ready to shoot. Try to score a headshot to get more points. And when you manage to score 3 headshots in a row, get ready to enter the Fever Mode! You'll also get power-ups along the way to help you defeat your foes. But they have an advantage. They have the high ground! Yeah, you know how horrible it sounds. Just try to take them down in one shot or meet your loved ones in the afterlife. When you get rid of an enemy you receive gold for your services. With gold, you can unlock new characters to play with. Have fun!

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Orangenose Studios developed Cannon Hero Online.

Release Date

Jan 24, 2019.


  • New heroes to unlock
  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • Nice 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls


You can play this game with your mouse.