Join an endless tun through the desert to rain forests and sewers underground with Boboiboy Galaxy Run! Travel the galaxy with a laser gun in your hand, kill monsters to collect energy, and break records on each try! Accept and complete new assignments to get extra scores and help your character reach further!

Who are you going to call when alien robots invade the earth? The answer is simple; Boboiboy and his friends! The evil androids took over most of the world, but they did not think of our hero and the warriors on his side. Now, it is time to fight back and collect all the energy needed to restore the earth to its former state. Luckily for you, these heroes are exceptionally good at wielding guns and can handle a few robots while you keep them on the right track. Move up and down to dodge obstacles as your character turns robots into energy. You can click to jump and slide down to move to a level below. Collect all the energy you can as you need them to unlock new characters, revive your hero, and skip quests. Check the achievement and quests to collect rewards and log in daily for more surprises!

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Gameloft SE developed Boboiboy Galaxy Run.

Release Date

November 23, 2022


Good 2D graphics

Simple controls

Unlockable characters

Cute character design

Fun for all ages


You can use your mouse to play this game.