In BFFs Love Pinky Outfits, the color pink is the new black, and these girls want to use this cute color more in their daily fashion. Can you help them choose different clothes and create beautiful outfits for them?

Six girls decided that they were tired of their old clothes and wanted to try something new. The other thing they have in common is their love of the color pink. Join them in this colorful game and explore their fashion sense. There are 2 steps to give a makeover to each girl. First, you should pick their makeup. Pick their eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, and even their eye color! Next, you can visit the dressing room and match different pieces to come up with an outfit. Pick clothes, a new hairstyle, a purse, and accessories! Repeat the same steps for every girl, but keep in mind that each girl has their own style, so what you pick for one girl won't be available for the others! Have fun playing!

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CuteDressUp developed BFFs Love Pinky Outfits.

Release Date

August 18, 2023


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 6 different girls to give a makeover to
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Different outfits to try
  • Various customization options


Use your mouse to play.