Gather around your seamen and fight for your life in Battles of Seas! Here is an exciting shooting game for you where you need to work non-stop to shoot your opponent. You don’t have a second to waste because it is either you or them in this game!

This is a shooting game that requires you to aim at the ships of your enemies in the best way to wreck them. Through a series of levels with different settings, you will be battling with the enemy’s ship which also shoots at you non-stop. At this point, it is either you or them that will be wrecked and sink. To win the level and not start the game over again, you need to shoot the ship enough times until it sinks. Don’t forget that there will be unique obstacles set at each level. You should figure out how to shoot against these obstacles before you get shot and sink. Also, make use of the bonuses like the protection shield or extra life that come down with the parachutes.

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Developer developed Battles of Seas.

Release Date

September 08, 2022


• Colorful 2D graphics

• Good aiming skills required

• Normal and hard difficulty modes

• Ships and cannon balls to unlock


Use the cursor to drag and set the aim line.