In Basketball Line, drawing meets everyone's favorite sport, basketball. Forget dodging players on the opposing team! In this game, your VIP is your pen. As they say, the pen is the mightiest weapon, so let’s get started doodling lines. How long can you keep up the pace and score points without fail?

Welcome to the strangest basketball court in the world. No audience, no players, no floor. Just you, your pen, a basketball, and a basket. We hope you trust your artistic capabilities because this game is all about drawing! Your objective is to draw lines to make the basketball travel to the basket without falling down. Use your left mouse button to draw lines, but don't get carried away! You can't scribble as much as you want! You have a limited amount of ink, and you can see how many pens you have left by looking at the top part of the screen. In addition, you can see the level you’re on, which also determines your score. Are you bored of the classic look of your basketball? You can change it! On some levels, you'll see gems placed around the basket. Collect these by hitting them with your ball. You can spend your gems in the in-game shop and unlock new basketballs. There are 6 balls in total, with varying prices. Can you unlock them all? Can you beat your high score and reach the further levels without failing?

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QKY Game Studio developed Basketball Line.


  • 6 different ball types to unlock and use
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Intuitive controls


Press and hold your left mouse button. Drag it to draw a line for the ball to roll along.