Hone your reflexes for an endless and breathtaking challenge in Ball Surfer 3D! In this addictive skill test, you have an infinite platform to conquer, precious gems to collect, and score records to break! Take control of a ball running down the track and move left and right in time to survive!

You can start your journey by learning how to control the ball. Use the left and right arrows or tap in these directions on your screen to move as the platform slides beneath you. The two simple directions are all you need to dodge the threats the game throws at you. The red blocks on the track are the ones you must avoid at all costs, while the yellow blocks are harmless. Keeping safe and chasing the yellow arrows must be your priority, but you should also keep an eye out for any opportunities to collect gems. The gems can be used at the game shop to purchase new skins and boosters. These boosters are the shield, magnet, and multiplier. The shield makes you invulnerable for a while, while the magnet collects the nearby gems, and the multiplier doubles the number of gems you collect. Use your gems and boosters wisely to reach new points and break records!

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Faramel Games developed Ball Surfer 3D.

Release Date

August 28, 2023


  • Good 3D graphics
  • Unlockable skins
  • Fun booster options
  • Infinite gameplay with challenging obstacles


You can use the left and right arrow keys or "A, D" to play.