Socialize in the best way with Backgammon Multiplayer! Get your friends by your side or make new friends with this multiplayer game and unlock new skills while becoming a backgammon master!

You play this multiplayer game on a server with others to accompany you. Choose your username and choose a way to start your game. Play in a ready game room or start your own game to invite a friend.Once you see the backgammon board in front of you, you need to roll the dice. Luckily, you will be shown which checkers you can play and where you can move them during that turn. You can use all the moves at once or split them into two with different checkers. Don’t forget that you need to first get all your checkers on the home board, which is the closer part of the board on your right side, and then remove them all from the board to win the game. Now, discover this detailed game and see if you can master it!

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Tweensoft developed Backgammon Multiplayer.

Release Date

November 29, 2022


• Colorful graphics

• Multiplayer gameplay

• You can create your own game

• Real-life-like backgammon


Click on the checkers you want to move and on the spots you want to move them.