Play Autocross Madness and try out your extreme driving skills! In this fun 3D game, you will be tested, and you better pass the test to get your extreme driver’s license. Hit the gas, jump high, and try to complete all the levels!

This is a 3D hyper casual game that will get you playing for hours. With easy controls and challenging obstacles, you will want to achieve all the levels. You play this game by clicking on the screen. The car accelerates for as long as you click on the screen. When you want to stop, all you need is to release the left click. There is a long and straight road in front of you. But this straight road happens to have a lot of obstacles. These funny-looking obstacles are avoidable ones. You just need to find the right time to pass by them to safely go on the way. There will be assistive arrows on the way which turn red when it is not safe to drive and turns green when it is the time that you can pass while avoiding the obstacles. Now, get on the road, complete the levels, get coins, and unlock new cars for your fun!

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Developer developed Autocross Madness.

Release Date

August 02, 2022


• 3D graphics

• Cars to unlock

• Easy controls

• Interesting level challenges and unique levels


Click on the screen to accelerate the car. Release the left click to stop the car.