Help the princess of a fantasy dream land dress up with Ancient Dragons Princess! Being a princess means looking your best at all times, even if you train deadly creatures daily. Her highness gets tired from all her adventures with her baby dragon, so she needs a stylist to help her. Can you take that role?

Welcome to your first day as the stylist of the dragon princess! Your job contains not only the looks of the princess but also the fangs, tail, and wings of her pet dragon. So, you can start right away and get the princess ready for her next journey. Choose a blush, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, and eye color. When done with the princess's makeup, you can continue to customize her baby dragon. Choose a main color theme and style, and add other features. You can give it wings, a fluffy tail, and cute ears. When you think the dragon is ready for the day, choose a hairstyle and dress for the princess. There are also shoe options near the gowns. You can unlock accessories like swords, magical eggs, and crowns by watching a short ad. Change the background, see the princess and her dragon together, and save their pictures to keep their memories with you!

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DL-studio developed Ancient Dragons Princess.

Release Date

October 26, 2022



Simple controls

Two characters with unlockable features

Fantastic theme with dragons!


You can use your mouse to play this game.