In Allez Hop, it's time to join the circus. The people have come all this way to watch an entertaining show. They are all very excited and the cheers are deafening. Now it's time for you to take control of a skillful acrobat. Do you think you can help him reach new heights without getting hurt?

The life of an acrobat is never easy. There is always the possibility of getting hurt. And even though he is very brave, he needs help to overcome these obstacles and perform an awesome show. In this game, your objective is to help him reach new heights by helping him move through the obstacles. You need to challenge yourself and beat your own high score. To play this game, all you need is your mouse. Just tap the screen to start playing. You'll see many obstacles along the way and you need to find a way to avoid them. You can use the rope to move upwards. You'll also see many spinning vases. You can get inside one of them and wait for the perfect moment to click on the screen and get out. Try to collect all the coins and avoid hitting one of the animals to continue on your journey. How far do you think you can go without getting hurt? Challenge yourself and see if you can beat your own high score. Good luck!

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ArtBit developed Allez Hop.

Release Date

July 07, 2017,


  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • Nice 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Many obstacles to overcome


You can use your mouse to play this game.