Get ready to help your friend in a long and difficult adventure in Adventures with Pets! Bubble Shooter! Alice is a clever, little girl but she found herself in the middle of a series of troubling occasions. So, she asked for your help. Can you help your cute friend?

This is a game surrounded by an engaging plot that tells the story of Alice and what she went through. In the middle, lies the mini-games where you will be enjoying the best versions of bubble shooting games. So, start playing the mini bubble shooter games and jump over through the levels. With each level you pass, you will be unlocking new sets of decorations that will help Alice to decorate her now burnt-down house and save her pets! Now, sit back and engage in the plotline that is full of troubles and wonders. Don’t forget to play the fun bubble shooting games in the best way, too!

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Navy Spade developed Adventures with Pets! Bubble Shooter.

Release Date

April 04, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Addictive and relaxing gameplay

• Intuitive controls

• Various versions of bubble shooting gameplay

• Engaging storyline


You can use the mouse of your computer to choose the options and to send bubbles to the spots you aim for.