Summer is here! Papa's Freezeria offers the best tropical treats for vacationers enjoying the warm sun and the crystal waters of the island of Calypso! You've found a relaxing way to enjoy the summer by working at Papa's Freezeria, but Papa Louie left and now you’re in charge of the shop! Check your stocks and plug in the mixers! Make sure the shop is ready! It’s the peak of the tourist season and they'll want a delicious cold snack to enjoy.

Brighten your customers' summer by serving them delicious, cold sundaes! You might be confused by the range of available combinations of these treats, but don’t worry because your customers know exactly what they want. Your objective is to prepare sundaes for your customers according to their orders. Start with the order station to greet and take orders from your customers. They'll tell you everything they want their order to include, so pay close attention. Note everything down and head to the building station to start making the sundae. Try to press the button when the indicator reaches the green section of the meter. The perfect timing will result in the best quality desserts. Choose the base and the toppings. Once you’ve collected the right ingredients, it’s time to mix everything together! Yum! It looks tasty already. Keep an eye on the mixing meter. Everything is combined and ready to be decorated with other delicacies! The topping station has a variety of ingredients to add color to the sundaes before serving them to your customers. When ready, serve the dessert to your customer! They'll tell you what they think after tasting a spoonful. As you complete each day, new customers will arrive with different orders. You'll also unlock new ingredients. The sun might be warm out, but your treats will keep everyone cool!

Got a sweet tooth? Why not try out Papa's Bakeria and bake delicious pies? No one will notice if you keep a slice or two for yourself!


Flipline Studios is the Developer of Papa's Freezeria. The studios also developped other Paparia games such as Papa's Pizzeria and Papa's Donuteria.

Release Date

5 August 2011


  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Different recipes to try
  • Variety of customers
  • Unlockable ingredients


Use your mouse to play the game.