In Cactus McCoy, join the Wild West's best treasure hunter, and experience his eventful adventure. His last job didn't go according to his plans when he found a curse instead of treasure. Can you help him find a cure to the curse through multiple fun levels? The time is passing, so you better be quick!

The legend of thorned emerald has been told by generations, but none got a chance to get a glimpse of this treasure. Made a name for himself as the best treasure hunter, our character was sent on a quest to collect the gem. Unlucky for him, the gem is cursed and needs to take it back to its home before sunrise, or he'll turn to stone for all eternity. Your objective in this game is to pass each level by reaching the end through different enemies after you. When he failed to show up with the gem, his boss thought McCoy kept the gem for himself, sent others after him. Just because he turned into a cactus doesn't mean McCoy can't fight. He is talented and can use many different weapons he finds on his way. Collect wanted posters, find hidden treasures, and survive to tell the tale! Can you help him end the curse and turn him back to human?

He might miss his thorns, but we're sure McCoy is happier as a human. While he's resting, why don't you check our other game Another Planet 2? Have fun playing!


Flipline Studios developed Cactus McCoy.

Release Date



  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • An interesting story
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay