Welcome to Papa's Pancakeria, Maple Mountain's best and only pancake shop! Your mischievous pet escaped during your trip and guess who found it? Papa Louie! He immediately makes you a curious offer. Papa Louie needs to head out of town, and you are to take care of his shop in his absence. The delicious smells coming from the pancake shop will captivate many residents of the Maple Mountain. Get ready to flip some pancakes! Your customers will be hungry, so get those pancakes bathed in tasty syrups before serving! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so start cooking!

Papa's Pancakeria has similar gameplay objectives and mechanics to the other games of the same series. As the cook, it is your job to take orders from your customers and cook pancakes. Each customer will order different pancakes so pay attention to those little details. Some will want lots of toppings while others are content with just a drizzle of syrup. You have 4 stations to use in the game. These are the order station, the grill station, the building station, and the drink station which you can unlock when you reach a certain rank in the game. You start by taking your customers' order then cook the pancakes. Don't forget to flip them over! No one would enjoy a burnt pancake. After you finish cooking, it is time to build the pancake. Add butter, topping, and syrup. And you are done! You customers will rate the dish according to how well you prepared it. Using everything your customer specified in their order will earn you big tips and points. So try to prepare the pancakes perfectly! You can also earn game tickets to play one of the 7 mini-games and unlock new clothes and items!

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Flipline Studios created Papa's Pancakeria and an entire collection of similar games: Papas Pizzeria, Papas Sushiria and Papas Freezeria among others.

Release Date

March 5, 2012


  • Unlockable drink station
  • Character customization options
  • 7 mini-games
  • Lots of different customers


Use your mouse to play the game.