Stretching between the horizons, the deep blue sea hides many wonders both beautiful and dangerous, despite its serene and mesmerizing surface. Are you ready to take a dive into this unknown world with the Deep Sea Hunter game and claim the lost treasures? Take control of your sturdy submarine and venture deep into the calming shades of blue. Evade the aggressive marine life and collect the gleaming gold and other valuables.

Despite our technologic advancements, we have barely uncovered the mysteries at the depths of the seas. Apart from fascinating forms of marine life, who knows how many and what kinds of treasures are lying at the rocky and sandy bottom of the ocean, waiting to be claimed by the most determined and daring treasure hunters. As the player, you take the role of just such a fearless treasure hunter and try to collect coins and defeat aggressive marine life as you travel through the depths of the ocean. When you first start the game, your submarine will have limited resources, so finding big treasures will be quite challenging. The various fishes and other animals are not the only things that you should be wary of. Your fuel tank will become the biggest obstacle between you and your dreams of hitting the jackpot. But don’t worry! As you collect coins and defeat animals, you earn money to spend on upgrades to turn your submarine into a more useful vehicle. There are 8 different upgrades you can apply to your submarine, from increasing the capacity of your fuel tank to attaching a magnet to your submarine to attract gold and treasure from a greater distance. Once your submarine is in top shape, you can turn your focus to discovering marine life. There are 16 different species you can discover. Finding treasures will make you rich but the most ambitious treasure hunters also desire fame. Do you have what it takes to complete all of the 14 challenging achievements and become the most famous treasure hunter in the world?

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This game is developed by Specimen Games.


  • 14 different achievements
  • 16 different sea creatures to discover
  • 8 different upgrade categories
  • Simple controls


Use your mouse to play this game.