Get Your Place in Ubisoft’s Fantastic Realms!

Join an international army of gamers logging in everyday, and enjoy your daily rewards with them. Get lost in beautifully designed arenas with people from all around the world and share their excitement in these addictive challenges. Come back to the famous scenes and characters you are familiar with from hit Ubisoft games and wander around once more.

Be the Last One Standing

The main idea is to dodge the bad and chase the good, just like you do everywhere else. But how do we know what is good for us? That is exactly what Ubisoft's loading screen tips are for! Learn about your friends and enemies beforehand and get ready for everything coming your way. Mastering the best use of arenas is a must. Improve your timing and dodging skills while encouraging others to fail with the help of a little physical force whenever you can. Push your opponents with boxing gloves in Rayman's Incrediballs Dodge while running away from fireballs. Corner your enemies and defeat them with the help of numbers in Might and Magic Armies. All of these games have lots of cute and unique skins to unlock so every victory is one step closer to a new character experience!

There Is Something for Everyone at Ubisoft!

Experience different games ready to be enjoyed collectively at Ubisoft universe! Try out different characters, races, and worlds to find out what your dream game is!

Play Ubisoft Games Online and Free

There is no need to download anything; you can play these games through your browser without having to pay for anything! You do not have to wait for discounts or compare prices; just click on the game you want to play and enjoy the beautiful graphics and a wide range of characters for free. To experience this new world, all you need is an internet connection and the right mood for some fun!